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May 02, 2021atchfive rated this title 1 out of 5 stars
Oh boy some of you fans may not like this review but I hope to save at least one person a couple of hours. Very annoying writing style - felt stupid reading it. Just could not feel connected to this scattered and ridiculous storyline. I saw all of the glowing reviews and was excited to experience a new and highly recommended author. Not so - extremely disappointed. I never give up on a book but this one was just so silly and child like that after 100 pages in I was seriously considering returning it without finishing. Instead I “skimmed” ahead and picked up bits and pieces along the way (again not something I have ever done). It was enough to see that the same nonsense continued throughout. The ending, while it ties the crazy story together, made me feel even more desperate to dump this book. Depressing. I went back through the older reviews of others and see now, too late, that this would not be recommended as an introduction to the works of this author. I think if I need to “build up” a tolerance to the writer’s style it is a pass for me. Once burned, twice shy. On a positive note, gotta love our freedom of choice and library access to such wide and varying literature options.